Lauren Housley: ‘I love the sound of 60's records’

Mercredi 19 Février 2014

Interview. Lauren Housley is a soul artist from Manchester. After the release of her first EP ‘One Step Closer’ and of the single ‘Christmas Is Coming’, she is coming to France for a short tour in Lyon (L’Avenue 45 on 19 February and Le Blogg on 20 February) and Paris (L’Orphée Club on 26 February and MizMiz Café on 27 and 28 February).

You have an incredible voice. How long have you been singing?

That's sweet of you to say, thank you. I have been singing for enjoyment since I was young but it was about 7 years or so since I started to sing in front of a live audience, featuring at open mic nights and Jam sessions.

You write your own songs. What are the topics that inspire you?

Yes, I do write my own songs. I get inspire by many different, anger, loss, change, loneliness, happiness. Some specific topics I have delved into with my songwriter are, leaving home, realising a relationship has come to an end, getting older, the power of nature, along with many others.

Soul music was born in the USA but is also present in the UK music scene since various years now. What are your musical influences?

I have been influenced by artists such as Michael Jackson, Otis Redding, Gladys Knight, The Beatles, Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder, along with so many others who have had influence on my songwriting, vocal ability and performance skills.

Your EP, One Step Closer seems very spontaneous. Could you tell us more about its making and recording?

One Step Closer was the first original music project I planned and completed along with my co-writer and collaborator, Thomas Dibb. I knew I wanted to write some soulful, heartfelt numbers and then to record them in a way that drew influence from the sound of Stax and Motown and I think the key to getting One Step Closer written, recorded, mixed and released in such a short space of time was being organised! We hired in vintage equipment such as a Fender Rhodes and a vintage Ludwig drumkit which gave the tracks a real authentic sound. It was a solid idea that, through hard work, became something real.

'Christmas is coming' sounds like a track from the 60s Is it a sound that inspire you?

Yes, massively. I love the sound of 60's records, everything sounds so alive. Inspiration for the arrangement and production of the track was taken from Phil Spector's 'Wall of Sound'.

I guess the next step is to release an album. When do you think you'll be ready?

I would really love to release an album! I know I have a busy year ahead of me, which is very exciting. But all being well I hope to start recording for my debut album sometime in the summer. Watch this space!

You're gonna perform in France. Could you tell us more about these gigs and the setlist?

I'm so excited to come to France to perform. I hear you guys really love live music and specifically live, soul music. This is the first time I am coming to France to perform at venues open to the public, I will be playing a couple of gigs in Lyon and Paris this time. Setlist is going to include some of my already released tracks as well as a bunch of brand new songs, I am so excited to perform the new material. You should also expect some carefully selected cover favourites of mine!

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