Tesla: ‘I definitely think we are moving away from Simplicity’

Vendredi 5 Septembre 2014

Flash interview with singer Jeff Keith after the release of Tesla brand new album entitled Simplicity.

Tesla has never been a show off band even in the 80’s. Was it something you wanted to avoid?

Yes, we’re all about writing songs from the heart. Image never mattered much to us.

The lyrics of your songs were more mature than those of the other bands too. No “Girls, Girls, Girls”…

We just liked to write songs about real life, them girls, girls, girls will get you trouble, trouble, trouble! Hahaha

Your music sounds much genuine and much deeper since your reunion. Did you change your way of doing music?

Yes, we’re now clean and sober so therefore we deal with issues with a much cleaner head.

Tesla is often compared to Aerosmith. Did they influence you?

Aerosmith was a very big influence along Mick Jagger, Bon Scott and too many other bands to mention them all.

You album is entitled Simplicity and simplicity is the main theme of the single “MP3”. Do you think that we are moving away from simplicity?

I definitely think we are moving away from Simplicity we are in a world full of technology but I don’t fear it. I fear nothing!

What can you tell me about the making of the Simplicity album?

The rhythm tracks are always recorded live and from there we do overdubs to complete a record.

Which of Tesla’s album are you particularly proud of?

All of them.

Is there a chance to see you live in Europe and more particularly in France in the near future?

Indeed we are looking forward to another Europe tour next year and we certainly hope France is on the list. Will see you then.

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Boris Plantier