Dionne Warwick: ‘The music business is a completely different business now’

Samedi 3 Janvier 2015

Interview. Dionne Warwick is coming back with Feels So Good, an album on which she sings her hits in duet with artists such as Ne-Yo, Ziggy Marley, Gladys Knight, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Ray Cyrus and Jamie Foxx. She has been kind enough to answer to my questions.

Most the songs of the Feels So Good album were written by Burt Bacharach and/or Hal David. What memories do you have of that time when you used to work exclusively with them?

We were a wonderful trio which we called “the triangle marriage that worked!”…Burt wrote the melodies, Hal wrote the words and I put a voice their songs…

How did you select the songs on the Feels So Good album?

It was actually my duet artists that each picked their favorite Dionne Warwick song which was really quite amazing to know that each had a song that they were familiar with and loved…

How did you select the artists who sing with you on this album?

Working with my son, Damon Elliott, who produced the album, we identified some of the new young artists that we felt would lend a “new” voice and style to those classic hits and I think we gathered some of the best!... a few actually approached us to participate in the project which was wonderful!

This album is a family project since you sing a song with your granddaughter Cheyenne Elliott and record it for your son’s label Bright Music Records. Do you think it is more difficult to succeed in the music business nowadays?

I must say the music business is a completely different business now and one that is becoming more difficult to break into, particularly since there are so few record labels out there. I think the criteria for success has changed so dramatically that the music being produced today is made for a younger and different listening ear…

You have recorded almost 40 studio albums. Which ones do you prefer?

My recordings are like my children and you can’t have a favorite child….!

What are your memories of the We are the World recording session?

It was a landmark event and one of the first times that all of my peers came together in one room to record a song that would change the way music assisted and supported a charitable cause…there was no competition, only a sense of community, with all of the artists leaving their egos at the door and coming together for a wonderful cause…

You used to live in Brazil and you even recorded a Brazilian album. What attracted you to Brazil?

I call Brazil my stress free country and the spirit and demeanor of its people and its beautiful music cannot be rivaled…

Is there a missed opportunity in your career that you deeply regret?

As I’ve said before, I still have many things I hope to accomplish, those including an Emmy, Oscar and Tony award!

Do you plan to tour in Europe in the near future?

I am discussing a European tour for the new year and am excited about returning to some of the countries I’ve visited before as well as some new cities!

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